Marketrans Transportation Services

Below is an outline of my experience at Marketrans Transportation Services.

Marketrans Transportation Services provides logistics solutions for a breath of clients ranging from retailers, manufacturers and distributors looking to transport goods across Canada and the United States.

Marketrans was my first full-time job after completing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration (with a focus on Marketing and International Business) at HEC Montréal. The management team at Marketrans was medium-sized, consisting of the owner, a logistics team, a business development team as well as individuals representing finance and human resources.

The owner of the business was looking for a resource to help modernize his business through tangible and on-budget marketing initiatives meant to attract new clients as well as retain their existing base. The corporate website, in addition to overall marketing collateral, was outdated compared to the rest of the market. My keenness for the world of marketing, as well as my eagerness to hit the ground running allowed me to convince the owner to give me a chance. As a relative newcomer to the logistics space, as well as to the working world, I had quite the work cut out for me. I was certainly up for the challenge!

My time at Marketrans was both eye-opening and rewarding. It was my first foray into marketing, and in particular the digital space. Over the course of a year and a half, I was involved in, and excelled at a series of progressive marketing projects deemed critical to the future of the business. These projects consisted of, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Corporate logo re-design;
  • Website re-design including CMS programming;
  • On-boarding of Google Analytics platform;
  • Search Engine Optimization of web property;
  • Search Engine Marketing of web property;
  • Display Advertising;
  • Affiliate marketing on external websites;
  • Business Development email template re-design;
  • Corporate Brochure re-design;
  • Tradeshow marketing;
  • Data Mining and segmentation through CRM tool;
  • New services expansion (customs brokerage service);
  • New customer prospecting through market segmentation.

The marketing efforts I was directly responsible for were under budget, and helped heighten the company’s exposure in the marketplace. This experience also helped shape a set of skills that I would further develop over the course of my career.


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