Unique experiences shape who I am.

• I have Visited Over 35 Countries Globally
• I can Speak 5 Languages – Esperanto is a work-in-progress 😉
• I have contributed to 10+ Non-Profit Projects

Below is a list of Extracurriculars I have been involved with.

Vice-President, Free Geek Toronto | 2017 – Present

I am currently a Board Director at Free Geek Toronto. Free Geek Toronto is a non-profit social enterprise founded in 2009 that accepts donations of electronic waste, and refurbishes computers & re-sells them at an accessible price.


Volunteer Team Lead, Toronto for Everyone | 2017

My role as volunteer team lead consisted of helping manage the intake and shift management of 200+ volunteers helping out with a multi-day cultural event in the city of Toronto.


Volunteer, Serve the City Madrid | 2017

I spent over a month abroad in Madrid, Spain volunteering with a local NGO called Serve the City.


Retail Technology Consulting | 2013 – Present

I have been involved in consulting projects across retail and technology. Notably, I have the opportunity to participate in a webinar on reinventing pricing strategies in today’s retail landscape.


Co-founder, Queen’s Business Forum: Experience India | 2010

During the course of my graduate studies in International Business at the Queen’s School of Business, a few colleagues and I felt that there was an under-representation of India in the program curriculum. This curiosity for us to want to learn more about India as a business destination led to the founding of the “Queen’s Business Forum 2010: Experience India“.


Executive Committee, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce | 2008 – 2010

For over 3 years, I had the opportunity to engage with the Montreal Chapter of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce.