Department of International Affairs at HEC Montréal

During the course of my undergraduate degree in Marketing and International Management at HEC Montréal, I took part in several extra-curricular projects in and around the department of International Affairs. Below is a list of projects I was involved in during my time at HEC Montréal:

Trade Mission on behalf of HEC Montréal and Richard Perrault Immobilier:

I was selected as one of two members to participate in a trade mission between Québec and France on behalf of Richard Perreault Real Estate group. After conducting extensive secondary market research on the potential for my client’s international expansion, I spent over a month studying the retirement home real-estate market on location in Paris. My time in France consisted of interviews with specialists in the field, Trade Ambassadors, non-profit SMEs, and other notable stakeholders. I presented the client with a 150-page report including research findings and a market penetration strategy of the Retirement Homes industry in France and Québec, with recommendations on steps for expansion.

Guest Speaker, International Trade Course at HEC Montréal

Following my experience conducting the trade mission, I was invited as a guest lecturer to come speak to a group of 60 undergraduate students in International Trade about my experience abroad. This included preparation of an in-depth presentation, including take-home material, that would be included on the final exam.

Research Assistant, Department of International Affairs at HEC Montréal

My previous performance in International Affairs at HEC Montréal raised my profile with the director of the department. He offered me a part-time contract role in which I was responsible for the development of curriculum for two new courses within the certificate of International Affairs program at the school. In particular I was responsible for:

  • Updating course reading lists;
  • Sourcing new course material;
  • Updating session-by-session powerpoint presentations for previous, discontinued courses;
  • Recommending guest lecturers;
  • Recommending course projects and activities
  • Recommending grading structure.

Overall, my experience at HEC Montréal was a meaningful and lasting foray into leadership in higher education. It allowed me to expand on my interest in marketing and international business, while developing research and organization skills.