Northeast Regional Coordinator, Young Jains of America

In 2010, I was invited to apply for a volunteer position to be part of the Executive Committee at the Young Jains of America. A successful application, and rigorous interview process, allowed me to take part of the EC as Northeast Regional Coordinator. Below is a description of the organization as a whole:

Young Jains of America (“YJA”) is an entity of Federation of the Jain Associations in North America (“JAINA”), a non-profit religious organization. YJA puts emphasis on projects relating to Jain youth from ages 14-29. YJA was first established in 1991, and held its first youth convention in 1994.

Throughout the years, YJA’s membership has grown substantially. Today, YJA serves over 10,000 members. YJA’s mission is to be recognized nationally and internationally as an umbrella Jain youth organization for establishing a network for and among youth to share Jain heritage and religion.

During my year at YJA, I further developed my leadership skills through the organization of activities in the northeast region, such as:

This experience was eye-opening as it connected me with like-minded individuals from a similar background across North America, and beyond.