BELOW IS AN OUTLINE OF the votetrends project.

In 2012, I joined a team of PhD students at Harvard University to work on co-founding an Internet startup based out of Cambridge. Votetrends is an opinion tracking & digital engagement platform aimed at individuals and corporations alike:

Votetrends is a place to create polls, vote on others’ polls, and track trends on any topic. Find out what matters most to the people who matter to you. Seeing how opinions change is much more valuable than one-time snapshots.

We have been a member of the Harvard Innovation Lab, and were previously accepted into the Harvard Start-Up Incubation Program. Our clients have been primarily in the non-profit space: We have helped develop mobile app APIs, social media APIs , and online fundraising tools to suit our clients’ needs.

My role at votetrends has been integral to the startup management process. I have been directly responsible for:

  • Logo and brand development;
  • User Experience design of the website;
  • Search Engine Optimization initiatives;
  • Paid search, display advertising and affiliate marketing;
  • Social media and blog management;
  • Mobile API integration road-mapping;
  • Public relations outreach;
  • Client management;
  • Market Analysis & competitor benchmarking;
  • Business plan development and financial forecasting;
  • On-boarding of a web analytics tool (Google Analytics);
  • Managing Interns and external team-members;
  • Trade-show and conference marketing;
  • Development of marketing collateral in the form of brochures, white papers, business cards and swag items;

My experience working on votetrends has given me direct exposure to the tech startup and venture incubation space, and has been the perfect compliment to my professional experience working for larger organizations.


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