REVIEW: blog

If you’re an avid traveller like I am, then you regularly find yourself in a state of wanderlust, and are in need of new travel ideas to plan the next big trip.

My good friends over at have setup a great blog providing you ideas and advice on trips that you may not have thought about. They’ve been to both popular and unique travel destinations across the globe, so their opinion is relevant, on-point and well-informed.

In it’s own words, the bloggers on Adventures For Two describe it as a “travel blog / website / resource to help you find great luxury travel, adventure travel, and nature travel destinations and activities for couples. There is so much noise on the internet when it comes to travels that it can be hard to navigate. Sometimes the hardest part of planning a trip is finding the right combination of nature, fun activities, ease of access, safety, and luxury. After that, it’s hard to get a true sense of what you should spend your time doing at your destination. On Adventures for two, you’ll find tips, long reviews, and videos of our first hand experiences. We hope to make this the best travel blog experience you can possibly have!”

Be sure to check these guys out before planning your next trip!

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